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To promote equity in our museums, the EIAT sets objectives for a year and works toward them as a group. Here is how we operate:

  1. Each year the EIAT gathers at the SEMC Annual Meeting. We discuss the actions we have taken over the previous year. Then, through an open discussion, we lay out new objectives for the upcoming year.

  2. Once our objectives have been selected, we convene active participants after the Annual Meeting to identify working groups for those objectives.

  3. Working groups tackle those items throughout the year.

  4. About every other month, the full EIAT comes together, so working groups report progress and participants can generally discuss topics or issues that have come up related to EIAT's objectives.

To communicate beyond the Annual Meeting, EIAT uses conference calls and Basecamp.

Every decision made by the Equity and Inclusion Action Team occurs through discussion and collaboration so every voice is heard. Organizers prepare for meetings, maintain the logistics, and function of the group overall. Overall, though, EIAT operates as transparently as possible and leadership is lateral allowing for an equitable operation model.


The following action item was selected and set during the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting.

This year the EIAT is working on three projects with corresponding working groups.

  1. Mentoring

  2. Emergency Advisory Team

  3. DEAI Survey

Most of our activities - meeting, discussions, and file sharing - occur  through Basecamp. That is also where you can find progress and results before they are ready to go public.

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